In 2001 the re-launch of Helter skelter was held at the legendary Sanctuary music arena ,
Sidewinder joined forces with Helter Skelter to houst  ‘The Big Re-union’
The event was a huge success and from this Sidewinder merged with the Helter skelter brand and was then known as ‘Accelerated culture ‘. Accelerated culture went on to become one of the biggest DnB events in the UK

In 2005 Accelerated culture came to a sad end, but a new breed of drum & bass events was about to be born

Random Concept Born in 2005 @ Air super club, Birmingham

The brand was designed for new Dj’s & Mc’s that were just breaking through ; Previous years had seen nothing new so this concept being unique had the freedom to try out different artist billing ideas, without having to stick to the same old DJ and MC formulas.
It proved to be a huge success and Random concept is credited for bringing something different to the table.

Since the lunch RC has been involved with events in Spain, Australia, Belgium and Amsterdam , whilst hosting the DnB Arena at the Global Gathering Festivals, in 2013 RC host its very own D&B festival ‘Summer Gathering’ witch has grown into a major player in the festival world